Our Work

express | ecommerce

How did we help implement a mobile first e-commerce strategy?

We refreshed and modernized an outdated architecture with a completely redesigned fully responsive site. We implemented a feature based approach to product management to ensure a measurable ROI and empower an agile adaptation to changing market landscapes.  Customers were quick to reward the updates with increasing engagement and conversion.

franklin university | education

How did we prepare an organization for the cloud?

We bootstrapped with a technology and process refresh to ensure that the team was more productive and Agile. We provided the team with best of breed tools, advice, and architectural recommendations to enable them to deal more effectively with future challenges. By embedding our people into the team we were able to disseminate knowledge and mentor them to empower them for the road that lies ahead.
30xi joined our team for about 7 months, and they will be greatly missed. In that short time they helped us upgrade to more modern development tools and techniques that have greatly improved our efficiency as a team.
Paul Meeker, Manager of Product Development

dsw | ecommerce

How did we improve online customer experience and site capabilities?

We partnered with a large retailer to improve their online customer experience, capabilities, total cost of ownership (TCO). We incorporated best of breed open source technologies including Spring and Apache Solr into their ATG e-commerce platform to provide an optimized, cutting-edge solution. Because of the improvements in stability and usability, customers can quickly browse, search, and buy the products that they want, when they want.
In addition to the critical projects for DSW.com, they brought cutting-edge new technologies to DSW.com to improve developer’s speed-to-market, web site speed and reliability, and new frameworks for our mobile build-out.
Lauren Morr, Director of eCommerce and Store Systems at DSW

efm | logistics

How did we track containers moving from the factory to the sales floor?

We custom built a supply chain platform based on proprietary specifications for monitoring containers as they travel from the factory to the retailer. We leveraged UBL and EDI to custom build smart web services to communicate between factory, shipping, rail, trucking, and warehouse.

abercrombie & fitch | retail

How did we help a retailer provide a consistent shopping experience?

We developed a custom cutting-edge visual merchandising system. We increased capabilities of the home office to layout floor plans and three dimensional displays to maximize sales and attract and engage their customers.
If we had chosen to do this work without him we would have minimized our outcomes. If you are interested in working with the best-in-class, give 30xi a call.
Ben Celebccic, Senior IT Analyst at Abercrombie & Fitch

ontology | government

How do you visualize relationships that may not seem obvious?

Knowledge is not just for students. We built a custom application on Eclipse RCP and Spring for the visualization and analysis of complex ontologies. By incorporating proprietary algorithms and ontological structures users are able to get answers to complex problems.